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What is hosting?

Basically, hosting is the computer infrastructure that stores the files on your website, and provides fast and secure access to the internet so that a visitor to your site receives the files quickly and securely.



Smoove Pro Hosting Packages

Smoove Hosting is required for all Smoove sites. It is included free for the first year for the Smoove Pro package. In addition to hosting, the fee provides you with access to your Content Manager.

Your hosting will be on a custom domain (domain registration not included). While your site is being built, your temporary website address will be "". But when your site is ready to launch, your web address will change to a custom domain of your choosing (that you have purchased separately), such as "".


The Smoove Pro Package requires pre-purchase of an annual Smoove Pro Hosting package every year for hosting and Content Manager access.


Free HOSTING First Year:  

Hosting for the first year of your site (post-launch) is included in the design fee, and also includes 3 hours of design/technical support and/or Content Manager training for additional users.

You don’t have to decide which hosting package option you want to purchase until your 11th month. At that time, and recurring every year, we will invoice for a separate annual hosting fee. Hosting services must be prepaid for your site to remain active, and for you to continue to have access to your Content Manager.

The free year is to help you decide how much support time you are likely to need going forward.


Smoove customers choose from one of the following two options:


Smoove Pro Hosting Basic

  • Includes hosting and Content Manager access.


  • $95/year, pre-paid annually (billed 1 month prior to expiry of your free first year).


Smoove Pro Hosting Plus: Save 30%!

  • Includes hosting and Content Manager access (discounted 30%).


  • Includes 3 support hours (discounted 30%).


  • $265/year, pre-paid annually (billed prior to expiry of your free first year).





Smoove Advanced Hosting Technical Information


Smoove sites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, which is the same secure supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for products like Google Search and YouTube.


Powerful Cloud Hosting. The advanced cloud hosting infrastructure monitored by our hosting company 24/7. Your website will be live and secured even during the biggest traffic storms.

Secured Network. Enterprise-level database security measures have been implemented across the entire hosting network to prevent hackers from disrupting your website services.

Fast Servers. We partner with Google Cloud to provide you with the fastest, most stable, and most reliable servers in the industry.

Automatic Backups. Automatic backups to ensure your website data will always be available.

Content Delivery Network. Google Cloud delivers your site through a Content Delivery Network, which is a large network of servers across the world.

World Wide Servers Network. The system duplicates your website and places it on a network of worldwide servers so that it can be reached from the nearest server providing maximum speed. 


More questions? Please contact us! 




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Content Manager Included



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Package Details 

Smoove Pro is a custom-crafted website package that includes the following:

  • Thoughtful business and design consultation (more).


  • Real custom-crafted design. No templates.


  • Content Manager (CMS). Update the content on your site yourself, whenever you want!


  • Mobile-responsive programming. Your site is optimized for viewing on desktops, mobile phones and pads.


  • Social media integration. You get optional Facebook Like and Share functions, and icon links to Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social media accounts you want to include.


  • SEO. Initial optimization of your site for search engines. We even build your site with search engines in mind.


  • Custom favicons (the small symbol beside a website in the tab or address bar of the browser, or the icon on a device). A full suite of icons for desktop browsers and mobile operating systems.


  • Home Page


  • Contact Us Page with optional contact form and embedded Google Map Page.


  • Privacy Policy Page


  • Custom 404 Error Page (“Page Not Found”). 


  • Up to 15 additional pages* based on one secondary page design.



  • Content development and writing by Smoove. Perfect if you're unsure how to organize and develop your content, and if you would like it written for you.


  • Integrated online store.


  • Additional language (Western Latin characters only; not including translation)


You may choose an option more than once; for example, if you would like two galleries or forms.

  • Photo gallery


  • Custom form (such as for a quote request)


  • Advanced third-party integrations (such as Support Chat)


  • Twitter post feed.


  • Facebook post feed.


  • On-site e-mail newsletter signup.


  • Shopify, Ecwid or PayPal Buy Now or Donate Buttons (up to 5 products; if you need more products, you can select this option more than once)


  • Video or audio player.

Site Update/Support Hours

  • For monthly plans, up to 2 hours per year of site updates are included.


  • Site update hours are charged in 15-minute increments, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes (so it is best to consolidate your changes when possible). More time is available at $95/hour, but any chargeable time will be discussed and agreed in advance.


  • The following items are not included: stock images or illustrations, logo design, flash, 3D or parallax animations, photography, illustration, or custom programming. Any anticipated additional costs (such as for stock photography) will be discussed and agreed prior to implementation.


  • For PayPal buttons, PayPal charges a fee and percentage per transaction that is not included in this offer.


  • Domain name registration fees are not included. If you have not yet registered your domain name (.com, .net, .ca, etc.) we can guide you through the process in our initial consultation meeting.


  • Applicable sales taxes are not included. Canadian customers must pay GST.


  • For Standard Payment customers, hosting is not included but is required. 



Registered charities and non-profit organizations receive a 10% discount. Please contact us for a coupon code prior to checking out.


*Pages. The number of pages is based on a page length, or depth, of 1800 pixels. So if your site has very long pages, they may be counted as more than one page.


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During our initial consultation, we will discuss which package options you would like your site to have. 

Do you have more questions before checking out?

Please contact us or read the Frequently Asked Questions. 

Smoove's Advanced Cloud Hosting is required for this package with standard payment. It is included free for the first year. Learn more.



Payable to launch (billed later).

Payable now to start.


Once you make the Start Payment (processed securely through Stripe/Shopify and PayPal), we will contact you within one business day to arrange a consultation meeting by telephone. At that time, we'll also discuss the process in more detail, and review the package options you'd like to have on your website.

When your site is ready to launch, we will send you an invoice. Once the launch payment is made, we will launch your website on your domain.

Full Terms of Service. 

All payments are in CAD (Canadian Dollars). Payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal Bank Transfer.

More about payment methods, security and taxes.  



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Need help deciding between packages, or looking for a custom quote?

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